Building Tiny Houses, that’s what we do. Unique and custom-made, with a feeling for detail and craftsmanship. A Tiny House build by Liberté is first of all a fully equipped, off-grid house that completely fits your demands; But secondly it is an object in itself, a piece of art almost. Functionality wrapped in a beautifull design.

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The story of Liberté is a never ending journey in search of beauty. An adventure that started long ago in the mountains of France. Two soulmates found each other in the desire to build and create something special and to be of purpose and make a real difference in the life of our customers.



Gijsbert Schutten

He knows everything about wires, charge controllers, pumps and domotics.
This Einstein is always busy learning, testing and developing new off-grid applications using his own tiny house, where he lives with his family of 4, as a laboratory.
Apart from being quite a good carpenter, he is also responsible for customer-care and communication.


    Gijs Coumou

    Creating Beauty. That's when Gijs is at his best. Wood and metal don't have secrets for him and what's in his head becomes reality with his Midas Touch, everytime a little bit better and closer to Perfection. The creative soul of Liberté, responsible for all the graphical output and the designs. He lives with his family on a not-so-tiny houseboat.

      The Process

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        The decision to build a tiny house is a big step en requires mutual trust and a good personal connection. During an intake we get to know each other. We are looking at examples, a moodboard you have created or sketches of a possible design you already made yourself. We give advice from our own experience to find a way in the ‘jungle of choices’ that have to be made in a design process. An intake takes about an hour and costs €75,-.

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        If we decide to move on after an intake we have to decide about the final design. Maybe you made it yourself or you had it made by someone. If not, we can do the design for you. After a few sessions you will have a final 3D design where all your wishes and demands are put together as far as possible. With this you also get a quotation so you know the costs of letting this build by Liberté.

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        We will start building. We have a very beautifull workplace in Werkendam. During the build, we keep close contact by sending pictures and mail, but you will without doubt also visit the workspace regularly
        The estimated building time for a complete tiny house is 2-2,5 month. When the house is finished we like to keep it a few days extra in order to test all the systems thoroughly.

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        If the Tiny House is suitable for the road, we also offer delivery. We have a lot of experience driving these big things and to be honest, we love it! Once arrived on site, we put the house level and turn all the systems on. If you like, when can build a porch, but then the moment arrives when we literally hand over the keys and make you responsible for your own house.

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        You feel at home in your tiny house. You cooked your first meal and took your first rainwater-shower. Than it’s time to evaluate. Is everything working as it should be? It is sufficient or do you need future adjustments? We can always come back for this. Also, we offer a maintenance-contract where we will visit you and the house every year.

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